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  Welcome to my website. This is an online display of my porcelain "signal" style insulator collection.
   I've tried to make things pretty user friendly here. The menu options on the left should cover pretty much anything and everything on this site or you can skip all that with the menu options to the right.
email me with any questions, comments.
                                Thanks and hope you enjoy.
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Resources used for identification, U#'s, manufacturer's information etc.;
Jack Tod - "Porcelain Insulators Guide . . . Third Edition" 1988
Elton Gish - "Value Guide for Unipart & Multipart Porcelain Insulators" 1995
Elton Gish - "Value Guide for Unipart & Multipart Porcelain Insulators" 2008
Marilyn Albers & Jack Tod - "Worldwide Porcelain Insulators" 1982 (& 1986 supplement)
New stuff-
Illinois El. Porc. Co. timeline
Anatomy of a signal
New "COLOR" page - - - PINK!!!
New American Manufacturer page Ohio Porc. Co.
***All pics of signals belonging to other collectors are displayed with permission from either /and the owner and the photographer and are owner-credited on these pages. If the photo has the ICON logo on it, it has been displayed with permission of Bill Meier. Thanks to all who contribute to this site!